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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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GraphQL client and Code Generator.

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SwiftGraphQL is a code generator as well as a ligtweight client. That's why it's important that you install both of them.

Make sure Xcode 11+ is installed first. Then, you need to include the client in your iOS/macOS project, and locally generate the code using code generator.

Installing SwiftGraphQL Client#

To install it using Swift Package Manager, open the following menu item in Xcode:

File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency...

In the Choose Package Repository prompt add this url:

Then press Next and complete the remaining steps. You should select SwiftGraphQL as a dependency, since that includes the client code.

To learn more about Swift Package Manager, check out the official documentation.

Installing Code Generator#

SwiftGraphQL generator comes as a CLI tool and as a library that you may import. You can use Mint, Homebrew and Make to use CLI only, or you may import it as a SPM dependency and use the generator itself.


mint install maticzav/swift-graphql

You can read more about Mint here.


brew tap maticzav/swift-graphql brew install SwiftGraphQL


git clone cd swift-graphql make install