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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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GraphQL client and Code Generator.

Get Started

Generating SwiftGraphQL Code#

SwiftGraphQL comes with a ready to use command line utility that lets you generate code from the schema on a remote or local server.

Additionally, the library exports all the tools you need to fine grain the generation process or use it in a Swift Package.

Command Line Utility#

USAGE: swift-graphql <endpoint> [--config <config>] [--output <output>] ARGUMENTS: <endpoint> GraphQL server endpoint. OPTIONS: --config <config> Relative path from CWD to your YML config file. -o, --output <output> Relative path from CWD to the output file. -h, --help Show help information.

To run the generator, type swift-graphql. If you are using any custom scalars, you should create a configuration file called swiftgraphql.yml and put in data-type mappings as a key-value dictionary like this. Keys should be GraphQL types, and values should be SwiftGraphQL Codecs.

scalars: Date: DateTime Upload: Upload

You can also run swift-graphql --help to learn more about options and how it works.

Programatically generating the code#